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Buy your own store

Get your own store with full Bitcoin integration.

You want to run an independent shop as a Tor hidden service anonymously?
You want to accept Bitcoins as payment for your goods or services?
Maybe already selling on SilkRoad but you would prefer to have your own website?
TorShops lets you create a shop like this for affordable prices.
With TorShops anyone can run a store as a Tor hidden service and accept Bitcoins without having to worry about technical details.
Create an account to contact us if you have any questions!


• Integrated Bitcoin Wallet
• Message Center for easy communication with customers
• Easy tracking of orders, users have to pay before order gets submitted
• Intelligent inventory management
• Support for multiple categories
• You may use HTML to make your product descriptions more unique
• Secure and fast server with daily backups
• Your own domain with 6 characters at the beginning which you can choose (example:
• Choose between many free design templates or buy your own custom design template
• Free custom logo for every store
• Sub-Forum in the TorShops Forums for user feedback and reviews
• Free listing on TorLinks: and other sites

Click here for a list of FREE designs


• Setup fee is currently 100 USD
• Sales fee is 6% of your sales (3-5% for large volume sellers, on individual basis)
• See upgrades for store upgrade prices

Get started now:

Your own store100 USD = 0.00886 ฿

Store upgrades

Purchase upgrades for your store here.

Fully custom shop design made by one of our designers500 USD = 0.04432 ฿
Your own forums on an extra address150 USD = 0.01330 ฿