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Tell others about this shop, and earn 25% from every purchase they will make. Simply give them this link:


Replace YOURUSERNAME with your actual username on this site and get earnings directly to your wallet.

Additionaly to the 25% refferal commission, you will earn 0.5-1% (depending on volume) of ALL sales the vendor makes with his new shop!

Get some bigger Silkroad seller to buy a shop and earn 100s or 1000s of USD!

Alternatively to giving them this link you can just tell them to send us a message with your username so we know which account to pay the commission to.

Shop Info:

In your new shop, you can add your own shop description here.
HTML Code is allowed.

For example, you could list your shipping options here, and provide links to feedback for your shop.

We support 2 different shipping options with the ability to set free shipping or reduced price shipping over a certain purchase amount.

We also support the sale of virtual items, no address needed for buyers, just use the Message Center to deliver them.

You may also set a minimum purchase amount, and a referral fee in % if you want to offer referral commissions.